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Your Calendar & Availability
Your Calendar & Availability

Using the calendar and managing work hours & appointment times

About Managing AvailabilitySetting and adjusting your work hours
Setting a regular work scheduleDefining your regular weekly availability in Schedulista
About Flex Time Daily OverridesLearn how daily overrides can help manage your availability
Changing work hours for a single dayOverride your regular work hours with Flex Time
Making a single day availableUse Flex Time daily overrides to add work hours to a day you're normally off
Taking a day offMake yourself unavailable for a day using Flex time daily overrides
About Personal AppointmentsBlock out time on your calendar when you are unavailable to offer services
Setting a personal appointmentBlocking out time on your calendar when you are unavailable to offer services
Tune your availability with repeating personal appointmentsSet breaks, split days, vacations / holidays, long-term time off
Setting lunches or breaksUsing repeating personal appointments to set breaks in your schedule
Splitting work days/shiftsUsing repeating personal appointments to create split work days
Blocking out long-term time offUsing repeating personal appointments for vacations / holidays; parental leave; sabbaticals; leaves of absence; and more
Managing schedules that change weekly or dailyWhen you don't have a regular weekly schedule
Setting a future work scheduleUsing personal appointments to set future work hours
About 24-hour AvailabilityEnabling all-day availability in Schedulista
Setting overnight work hoursUsing Schedulista's 24-hour availability to set late night/overnight work hours