Setting repeating appointments, classes, or events

Recurring client appointments or repeating classes or events

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Schedulista is designed to make your schedule available online for clients to book appointments with you. You are also able to set appointments for clients directly on your Calendar. For regular clients, you can set repeating appointments on your calendar.

You can set a repeating series of empty classes or events on your calendar to quickly make various class times available to book through the online scheduler.

You can also set repeating appointments, classes, or events on your calendar through the mobile app.

Important note about repeating appointments and classes

Repeating appointments can only be set on your end as a provider. These are adding directly to your calendar to make them available to book through the online scheduler.

Clients cannot create their own repeating appointments online, but they can join single occurrences of a repeating class online.

This allows you to consult with your client on the best time to set a repeating appointment or class. It also prevents someone from accidentally filling all of your availability.


Setting a repeating appointment

Process overview

  • Select a service

  • Add an existing client or a new client

  • Choose repeating options

  • Save and send notification (or not)

(1) Go to the Calendar

(2) Click on the date and time you'd like to set the first appointment

(3) In the New Appointment dialog, select the Service for your appointment

(4) On the Repeats drop-down menu, select the type you'd like to set: daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly

(5) On the Repeat every drop-down menu, select how frequent you would like to repeat the appointment:

  • Daily - Between 1 and 30 days

    "1 day" repeats everyday, "2 days" repeats every other day, "3 days" repeats every 3 days, and so on.

  • Weekly - Between 1 and 52 weeks

    "1 week" repeats every week, "2 weeks" repeats every other week (biweekly), "3 weeks" repeats every 3 weeks (triweekly), and so on.

    (a) Weekly Repeat on - Check the boxes to make days part of the repeating series; the box corresponding to the day of the first appointment will already be checked

  • Monthly - Between 1 and 30 months

    "1 month" repeats every month, "2 months" repeats every other month (bimonthly), "3 months" repeats every 3 months (quarterly), and so on.

    (a) Monthly Repeat on - Choose the same day of the week each month (e.g. "2nd Thursday of the month") or the same day each month (e.g. "9th day of the month")

  • Yearly - Between 1 and 30 years

    "1 year" repeats every year (annual), "2 years" repeats every other year (biennially), "3 years" repeats every 3 years (triennially), and so on.

(6) With Ends, select when your repeating appointments will stop from three options:

  • Never - Repeating appointment will never end

  • Occurrences - Repeating appointment will end after the number of occurrences you specify

  • On - Repeating appointment will end on the date you select. Click the radio button and then click in the white box to select the end date.

(7a) Add a Client for the appointment by searching for the client's name; or

(7b) Click the New Client button to add a client who is not already on your list

(8) Add any Appointment Notes

(9) Click Save

Repeating classes or events

You can add repeating classes to your calendar in the same fashion as an appointment by selecting the class as your Service.

Learn more about classes here.

A class or repeating series of classes must be added to the calendar first before you can add clients as "attendees" to the class(es). Adding the class(es) to the calendar also makes it/them available to book through the online scheduler.

You can see more on adding clients to a class as attendees here.

Adding clients to multiple classes

Our multi-add feature will allow you to add a client to multiple occurrences of a class once the repeating series has been added to your calendar.

More on that here.

Upcoming appointments list in client history

The list of upcoming appointments on a client record will only show the next 10 occurrences for any repeating series of appointments. As an appointment in the series is completed, another one (if there is one) is added to the list.

The list of upcoming appointments that clients see at the bottom of an online summary page for an appointment will also only show the next 10 occurrences in a repeating series.

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