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Why aren't certain appointment times showing on my scheduler?
Why aren't certain appointment times showing on my scheduler?

Managing service duration, appointment times, and availability

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There are three elements that make appointments available to clients on your scheduler: service duration, appointment times, and availability.

Booked service appointments and classes or set personal appointments block out time on your schedule and can impact which appointment times are displayed.

If some appointment times aren't showing on your scheduler when no appointments are blocking them, it's likely because your availability hasn't been set to support those times. Another possibility is there is not enough availability to support the duration of a specific service.

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Service duration

More information: Adding a service

Duration is the length of an appointment for a specific service.  You can set or adjust the standard duration for your services when adding or editing a service on the Services / Classes / Events settings page.

When clients schedule an appointment, they first select the service they are interested in so the system is aware of how much time is needed for the appointment to locate available times in your schedule. 

For example, if your service is 1 hour long, the system will first look for everywhere in your schedule (work hours and booked appointments) where one hour is available.

Appointment times

More information: About Appointment Times

Appointment times can be set by a scheduling interval (e.g., "every 30 minutes") or by setting specific appointment times for all services or by specific service.

Additional settings may also add or affect appointment times, like the reduce gap setting, setup or cleanup time, limited time offers, or lead time and how far in the future clients can book.

Scheduling interval

Specific times for all services

Specific times override for a specific service


More information: Managing availability

Availability ("work hours") is the amount of time each day you are available to offer services and support appointments.  You can manage and adjust your availability on your Calendar

Managing availability on your Calendar

Setting availability

For example, if you decide to start offering appointments on Saturdays at 9:00 am, 10:30 am, 12:00 pm, and 2:00 pm, you'll want to make sure that you set work hours starting at 9:00 am on Saturdays to support those appointments.

Setting work hour end times

For your end time, make sure you include enough time to support the duration of the last appointment you want to offer.  Clients never see your work hours.  They only see available appointment times based on your work hours.

If you'd like to offer an appointment at 5:00 pm for a service that is 1 hour long, you'll need to set your work hours to end at 6:00 pm to support that appointment time.

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