Schedulista offers a number of integrations with other software and services to aid with your business. To help manage your availability, you can enable two-way synchronization with your Google Calendar account to export your Schedulista appointments.

What's included in the export

  • Title of the appointment/event in Google will be the client's name and the service booked

  • Location of the appointment based on the location set for the service in your Schedulista settings

  • Client's phone number and email address

  • Any appointment notes

  • Zoom meeting join link, if using the Zoom integration

  • Link to edit the appointment on your Schedulista calendar

Once the sync is enabled, you can export your Schedulista calendar to your Google Calendar account.

(1) Go to the Calendar

(2) Click on the gear icon on the top right

(3) Select Sync Calendar from the menu that appears

(4) On the Sync Calendar page, under the Exported calendar to Google section, click the Export calendar button

It may take a few minutes for the exported calendar to sync, depending on how many appointments are on the calendar.

What you'll see in Google Calendar

All exported Schedulista appointments will appear on a new calendar created under the My calendars menu on your Google Calendar account labeled "Schedulista - [your user account name]".

Any events you set on this calendar through Google Calendar will not be imported to Schedulista.

Note: Any changes to Schedulista appointments must be made in Schedulista, 
including cancelling or rescheduling an appointment. Any changes made to
Schedulista appointments on Google Calendar will not update the appointments
in Schedulista and will revert the next time the exported calendar syncs.

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