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Share your Schedulista calendar with Google Calendar
Share your Schedulista calendar with Google Calendar

View your appointments in Google Calendar without the two-way sync

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You can share your Schedulista calendar with Google Calendar using the iCalendar (iCal) feed for your account.  We also offer a two-way Google Calendar sync.

What is iCalendar and what is an iCalendar (iCal) feed

iCalendar is a open standard for sharing calendar information between users and software and applications on their devices. iCalendar (iCal) can be shared as an active feed or as a single computer file format.

iCalendar is supported by Google Calendar.

An iCal feed is read only, sharing information one way. Schedulista appointments are shared with Google but not the other way around.

Refresh/Update Rate

The Schedulista iCal feed updates as soon as you make changes to your calendar. Google Calendar must ask for an update from the iCal feed to refresh or update the Schedulista appointments on Google. The refresh/frequency rate -- how often it updates -- is controlled by Google.

Note: A two-way Google Calendar sync that shares appointments both ways is also available.

Sharing with Google Calendar

(1) Follow these instructions to turn on your iCalendar feed

(2) Go to and sign into your account

(3) Click the plus (+) symbol next to the Other Calendars category on your list of calendars on the left for an option menu

(4) Select From URL from the menu

(5) On the From URL page, type or paste the iCalendar feed address from Schedulista in the URL of calendar field

(6) Click the Add Calendar button

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