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How to add clients as attendees to classes on your Schedulista calendar

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Schedulista offers a Class feature for services that allows multiple attendees to book for the same appointment time. This is perfect for classes, workshops, events, and more.

Classes can be added directly to your calendar on specific dates and times to make them available in the online scheduler or offered wherever you have availability on your schedule. You can set repeating classes to quickly add the classes to your calendar.

Once a class or event is on your calendar, you can add clients as attendees. You can also add clients to classes on the mobile app.


Adding clients to classes

Once you add a class directly to your calendar or once a client first books a class through the online scheduler, you can then add clients as attendees.

(1) On the calendar, click on the class to open and edit it.

(2) On the Edit Appointment dialog, scroll down to the Attendees section. Click the Add attendee button to add a client to the class.

(3) On the Add Attendee dialog, you can search for an existing client to or click the New Client button to create a new client record and add them to the class.

(4) When adding the client, you'll have the option to send notification or not.

(5) If you'd like to send notification, you'll have an additional option to add a custom message to the client for this specific class. This will be included in addition to any custom messages you have already set for the class service.

(6a) Click Add to add the client to the class; or

(6b) If the client you add doesn't have an email address on file or has opted out of receiving emails, the notification and custom message options won't be available. The system will include a message letting you that they won't be sent an email. Click Add to add the client to the class.

Adding the client saves the client on the class and immediately sends notification, if you've opted to send. You'll go back to the Edit Appointment dialog with the client now listed under Attendees.

(7) If you need to add more clients, you can click the Add Attendee button.

(8) Once you've added clients as attendees, you can click Save or Cancel to close the class and return to the calendar.

Adding clients to multiple classes

For those who have set repeating classes with clients in them in the past, our multi-add feature will allow you to add a client to multiple occurrences of a class once the repeating series has been added to your calendar.

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