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Why are the appointments on my calendar in three different colors?
Why are the appointments on my calendar in three different colors?

Identify appointments at a glance

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Schedulista uses default colors on the appointment tiles on your calendar to signify appointments that have been booked online by clients and appointments that you have set as a provider.

You can change the default color of specific services to distinguish between different appointment types. You can also manually change the color of tile on a specific appointment, if needed.


What the default colors represent

Blue appointments are ones that you have or another service provider has set for a client directly on your calendar.

Green appointments are ones a client has booked with you through your online scheduler.

Red appointments are personal appointments that can be used to block off time on your calendar to make you unavailable to offer services.

Google Calendar appointments

To aid in managing your availability, Schedulista offers a two-way sync with Google Calendar. You can import multiple calendars from a single Google Calendar account or calendars from multiple Google Calendar accounts to a single Schedulista calendar.

(You can also export your Schedulista calendar to one or multiple Google Calendar accounts.)

Gray appointments on your Schedulista calendar are appointments/events set on your Google Calendar that have been shared, if you have your Schedulista calendar synced to a Google Calendar. If a gray appointment tile has a solid white border or a dashed white border indicates the status of the Google Calendar appointment/event and whether or not it blocks off time on your Schedulista calendar.

Read more on how Google Calendar appointments can block off time in Schedulista here.

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