You can share your Schedulista calendar with other calendars using an iCalendar (iCal) feed. You can turn on your iCal feed through your Schedulista calendar.

Benefits of the iCalendar feed

  • Share your Schedulista calendar with other calendars - Apple, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, mobile calendar apps, and more

  • Share your calendar with multiple calendars

iCalendar is a computer file format used to share calendar information between applications. iCalendar is supported by a large number of products, including:

  • Google, Yahoo, and other internet calendars

  • Microsoft Outlook through local (including Office 365) or Exchange

  • Apple iCal for Macs, iPhones, iPads, and other Apple devices connected to an iCloud account

An iCal feed is read only, sharing information one way. Schedulista appointments are shared with another calendar but not the other way around. When active, you will see a web address/URL ending in .ics for your iCal feed.

Note: We offer a two-way sync through Google Calendar.

How much appointment data is shared?

Your Schedulista iCal feed will share the following information with another calendar:

  • Client name and appointment service & duration

  • Appointments 6 months into the future

  • Appointments 2 months into the past

  • The next 10 occurrences in any repeating appointment series

  • If you have the two-way Google Calendar sync enabled, the Google appointments shared with your Schedulista calendar will also be shared through the iCal feed

For security and privacy, client contact information is not shared.

Turning on your iCalendar feed

Each calendar on your account has its own unique iCal feed. Each must be turned on individually by signing into the specific user account.

If you have multiple calendars without unique logins, contact us at to help turn on iCal feeds for all calendars.

(1) Go to the Calendar tab

(2) Click on the gear icon in the upper right

(3) Select Sync Calendar... from the menu

(4) Under the iCal Feed heading, click the button next to iCal feed enabled to turn it on

(5) Copy the highlighted iCalendar feed URL in the new field, or write it down or type it to be used to subscribe to your calendar

Note: We recommend pasting the feed URL into an email and sending it to
yourself to open on the device that you'd like to subscribe to your
calendar on.

Using your iCal feed to share your calendar with other calendar software

Once you've turned your iCal feed on, you can share with other calendar software by the steps linked below.

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