Schedulista is designed to support a regular weekly work schedule, but you are able to adjust your availability by blocking time out of your schedule with "personal" appointments. You can manage your availability through the web dashboard, as well as the Schedulista mobile app.

Benefits of personal appointments

  • Block out time when you are unavailable, as short as 5 minutes up to full work days
  • Use appointment notes to quickly identify what the personal appointment is for on your calendar (ex. doctor's appointment, child's soccer match, lunch break, etc.)
  • Repeating personal appointments for daily breaks, split work days, vacations, and blocking out long-term time off
  • Aid in setting frequently changing weekly schedules or future availability

To block out time on a recurring basis for lunches or breaks, split shifts, vacations/holidays, leaves of absence, and more, you can set repeating personal appointments. You can also tweak frequently changing schedules and future work hour changes.

Setting a personal appointment

(1) Go to your Calendar

(2) Click on the time slot on the day to start your unavailability to set an appointment

(3) In the New Appointment window, select "Personal" as your Service

Note: "Personal" is the default service selected.

(4) Adjust the Duration for how long you want to be unavailable

(5) Type a title or reason for your unavailability in the Appointment Notes section (e.g., "Doctor's Appointment" or "Break") 

(6) Click Save

What you'll see

Personal appointments appear in red on your calendar.

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