Schedulista provides a calendar to manage your availability and appointments, classes, and events. You can also access your calendar through the mobile app.

If you are using the Google Calendar Sync to help manage your availability with a personal calendar, you may have some Google events that are not blocking off time on your schedule. This likely has to do with the status of the Google event.

Google Calendar event status

Events on Google Calendar can be set to one of two statuses:

  • Free - This status allows you to schedule other appointments or events during the same time as your appointment. (This status was previously labelled 'Available' in older versions of Google Calendar.)

  • Busy - This status makes you unavailable during your appointment

Our Google Calendar Sync provides a two-way sync with one or more Google Calendar accounts to help manage availability on your Schedulista calendar. You can import one or more calendars from Google Calendar to help block out time on your schedule.

Google Calendar events set to Busy status will block out time on your Schedulista calendar. Google Calendar events set to Free status will not block out time.


Updating existing appointments

You can change the status of an existing appointment by editing the appointment ("event") on your Google Calendar and updating the Status and Visibility section near the Description field.

Click on the menu to choose between Busy and Free.

Existing appointments in older versions of Google Calendar

On older versions of Google Calendar, this setting appears/appeared in the Show me as section near the bottom of the event page.

How Google Calendar appointments appear in Schedulista

Google Calendar appointments appear in gray on your Schedulista calendar. 

Google Calendar events set to Busy status have a solid white border in Schedulista.

Google Calendar events that are set to Free (or Available) status have a dashed border. This signifies that the time is not actually blocked out and clients could potentially book a Schedulista appointment during the same time.

All-day Google Calendar events

Google Calendar allows you to set All-day events. These are commonly used to signify personal events like birthdays and holidays, but can be used for many purposes.

By default, All-day events in Google are set with the Free status so that they don't block out your full day. If you need an All-day event to block a full day, make sure to set it to Busy status in Google Calendar.

On Google Calendar, an All-day event appears at the top of the calendar below the date of the event.

On your Schedulista calendar, if the Google Calendar event is set to Free status, it appears in the all-day strip at the top of the calendar. The all-day strip only appears on the Week view or Day view of the calendar when there is an all-day event.

If the Google Calendar event is set to Busy status, the gray tile will appear throughout the whole day with a solid white border. This will block off the whole day.

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