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Can I view multiple calendars in Schedulista at once?
Can I view multiple calendars in Schedulista at once?

Seeing multiple user calendars in a single view

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Schedulista allows you to have multiple users on a business account. Each user has their own login and can use a calendar if they are offering services to clients. Users with Administrator or Scheduler level of access can see all calendars on the business account.

Multiple calendars on your account can be viewed side-by-side in the Day view of the calendar in the web app.  You can view up to 15 calendars at once. You can only view one calendar at a time in the mobile app, but you can switch between users' calendars.


Viewing multiple calendars

(1) Go to your Calendar

(2) Select the Day view in the upper left

(3) Select which calendars are active in the menu on the left

Calendars in gray are active. Click a calendar in the list to toggle it on or off.

What you'll see

You can select and view up to 15 calendars at once. Each calendar appears a column side-by-side in the same view. You can set an appointment on a specific calendar by clicking on the time block on that provider's column/calendar.

Note: If you click the "New Appointment" button on the lefthand menu 
of the Calendar page while viewing multiple calendars in the Day
view, it will set the appointment on the calendar of the provider
you last viewed in the Week or Month view of the calendar.

You can move appointments from one provider to another by clicking and dragging an appointment from one calender/column to another.

Five calendars side-by-side

Three calendars side-by-side

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