Schedulista is designed to support a regular weekly work schedule, but you are able to adjust your availability by day and block time out of your schedule. You can manage your availability through the web dashboard, as well as the Schedulista mobile app.

Key aspects of availability

  • Availability is the amount of time on your schedule you wish to offer services to your clients
  • Manage availability with a regular weekly schedule, daily overrides ("Flex time"), and personal appointments
  • "Work hours" refers to your availability not necessarily your business hours of operation

What appointment times are available to clients are defined by your availability (work hours and booked appointments), set appointment times, and service duration.

Once your availability is set, you can define appointment times during your work hours on the Scheduling Policies page in settings.

Note about work hours

Work hours are your range of availability and not necessarily your business hours of operation. Clients do not see your work hours on the scheduler. They see available appointment times based on your set work hours.

For example, your office hours might be 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, but you might regularly take an appointment at 5:00 pm that lasts past your office hours. You'll want to set your work hours to support the appointment time and the duration of that appointment.

If you offer a 5:00 pm appointment time for a 1 hour service, you'll want to set your work hours to end at 6:00 pm.

Set your regular work schedule

More information: Setting a regular work schedule

Set your work hours for each day of the week you are regularly available each week. If you don't have a regular weekly schedule, you can set all days to "Out".

Learn more on how to set your regular schedule here.

Flex time daily overrides

More information: Flex time daily overrides

Flex time daily overrides allow you to adjust your work hours on a specific day without affecting your regular work schedule, take a day off, or make available a specific day you normally have off.

Read more information how to set daily overrides directly on your calendar here

Block out time with personal appointments

More information: Personal appointments

More information: Repeating personal appointments

"Personal" appointments block time out of your schedule when you are unavailable to offer services.  You can block out time for breaks or lunch; for staff or management meetings; for personal engagements (doctor's appointments, sports games, etc.); and more.

Repeating personal appointments allow you to block out repeating blocks of of time for things like vacations, leaves of absence, split work days, and more.

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