How do I change or delete a repeating appointment?

Make changes to repeating appointments or classes

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Once you've set a series of repeating appointments, you can make changes to or delete a single appointment or the whole series.

Making changes to repeating appointments

Open a repeating appointment on your Calendar by clicking on the appointment. Make some edits, e.g. change the time of the appointment. When you save the changes, you will be asked if you'd like to make the change to only that specific appointment or to that and all future appointments.

Note: For repeating classes, any changes saved for all future classes will not affect the class attendee list or existing appointment notes on a future occurrence.

Deleting repeating appointments

To delete an appointment in the repeating series, click on the appointment to open it. Then click the "Delete Appointment" link in the lower left of the Edit Appointment dialog.

When asked, choose "Delete this appointment only" to remove the single occurrence, or choose "Delete this and all future appointments" to remove the remaining series.

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