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Adding appointments directly to your Schedulista calendar

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Schedulista is designed to allow your clients to book appointments themselves online. However, you are also able to set appointments directly on your calendar, if needed. You can also set appointments on your calendar in the mobile app.

Uses for setting appointments

  • Perfect for setting a next or follow-up appointment with a client while they are in the office or shop

  • Great for walk-in appointments or clients who contact by phone

  • A quick way to add classes to your calendar on dates & times you want to make them available in the online scheduler


Setting an appointment

Make sure you have access to the latest mobile app version for full features in the mobile app and the web app.

(1) Go to Calendar

(2) Click the date/time slot you've decided on with your client

(3) In the New Appointment dialog, select the Service the client is interested in

The basic information you've set for the service (duration, any setup/cleanup time, max capacity if the service is a class, etc.) will auto-fill.

(4) (Optional) Adjust the Duration and/or the Max Capacity (for a class), if necessary.

(5) (Optional) If you are scheduling repeating appointments, set the type and frequency of the repeats.

(6a) In the Client field, enter your client's name to search for their existing client record; or

(6b) If they are a first time client, click the New Client button to create their client record.

This will bring up the New Client window to fill out. Make sure to ask for and include the client's email address so that they receive the confirmation and reminder emails.

You can also opt them in to receive text (SMS) appointment reminders to their phone, if available where your business is located, for the appointments you set for them. We recommend always checking with clients to make sure they want to receive text reminders.

Click Save to save the new client record and add the client to the appointment.

(7) (Optional) Enter any comments about the appointment in the Appointment Notes field. The notes are for your own records and will not be shared with the client.

(8) Click Save

(9) The Create Appointment dialog will prompt you with the option to Send notification or not. If you select Yes, the client will be sent a confirmation of their appointment by email for their records.

(10) (Optional) If you choose to send notification, you can also add a custom message to the client for this appointment. This will be in addition to any custom messages you've set for all services or for any specific services.

(11) Click Save to add the appointment to your calendar

Setting an appointment for a client without an email address

If the client doesn't have an email address or the client has opted out of receiving emails, the system will let you know that no email will be sent for the appointment. Click Save to add the appointment to your calendar.

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