When talking about your scheduling and availability, there are two terms to keep in mind: the Scheduler and the Calendar.

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  • The Scheduler - What your clients see

  • The Calendar - What you see

The Scheduler - What your clients see

The Scheduler is the online public tool that clients use to book appointments for your services based on your availability.

Your clients can use the Scheduler by visiting the public scheduling page we've created for your account or, if applicable, the scheduler embedded on your website.

The Calendar - What you see

The Calendar is where you view and manage all of your appointments.  It is accessed through your account dashboard online or through the mobile app. The Calendar is not visible to clients.

You can adjust your work hours for availability on your Calendar.  You are able to set appointments for clients, as well as classes, directly on your Calendar.

You can also block out time, set breaks, split your day, or take vacation / holiday time by setting "personal" appointments on your Calendar.

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