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Getting Started Guide - Section 1: Business basics
Getting Started Guide - Section 1: Business basics

Setting up your business

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This guide walks you through the essentials of setting up your Schedulista business account.

Contents in this article:

  • Initial business account setup

  • Setting your Business Details

  • Creating & editing Users

  • Creating & editing Services

  • Multiple locations

Initial business account setup

You've likely already done this, but if you need, you can sign up for a new Schedulista business account here:

Signing up for a business account will create your business name and your user account login email address and password.

The setup will walk you through three quick steps:

  • Your time zone and country

  • Your regular work schedule

  • Adding at least one service

Once the initial setup is complete, you will have access to your account dashboard to fully set-up your account.

Setting your Business Details

The Business Details page allows you to setup the following:

  • Business Name - You can edit your business name here.

  • Business Address - The main physical address of your business. This will add a Google map of your location to your scheduling page and to the confirmation and reminder emails.

  • Time Zone - You can adjust the time zone for your account here.

  • Country - You can change the country of your business here.

  • Business Statement - This is a description of your business that appears on your scheduler. Note: The statement is not included in the scheduler widget embedded on a website.

Creating & editing Users

More information: Users

You can create or edit user accounts by going to the Users page. You can read more on adding users to your account in the following ways:

Each user account has the following options:

  • User Account - Allows the user to sign into the account using their own email address and password.  

  • Access level - Determines how much access the user has to the system. You can further adjust permissions for those set to Provider level of access.

  • Calendar - Determines if the user gets a calendar. Any user that clients are going to schedule appointments with will need a calendar.  

  • Provider bio - You can add a bio for each user that will appear on the Choose Provider page in the scheduler. The bio is only visible if you have multiple user accounts.

  • Receive Text/SMS Update - (Deprecated) This setting no longer applies. It has been replaced by push notifications sent through the mobile app when clients book or cancel online. On multi-user accounts, users can also receive push notifications for other providers depending on their access level.

  • Work Schedule - Sets the regular work hours the user is available each week. This can also be adjusted on the Calendar.

  • Services Offered - Determines which services the user offers to clients.

Creating & editing Services

More information: Service basics and Special features

You can create or edit services by going to the Services / Classes / Events page. More information on adding services to your account here.

You will have the following options while creating or editing services:

  • Price - The amount your service costs for an appointment. If you opt to take payments when clients schedule, this is the amount they would be charged.

  • Duration - The length of your service. This is the amount of time that each scheduled appointment for the service will block out on your calendar. Note: Schedulista doesn't directly show the appointment duration to your clients. If you'd like clients to know how long an appointment lasts, you can include this in the name and/or description of the service (e.g. "60 Minute Swedish Massage").  

  • Setup/cleanup time - This is used to block out additional time before and after appointments.

  • Split appointment - This is used to create a gap time within an appointment, so another client can schedule during that time.  Note: As this feature is mostly used by hair stylists, it isn't automatically included on all accounts. If you'd like this feature turned on, please notify our support team at

  • Category - Categories help to organize the list of services in your scheduler. Select which category you'd like the service to appear under from the drop-down menu.

  • Description - A text field to offer a brief description of your service. This appears below the service name in your scheduler.

  • Class - Allows multiple people to schedule the service at the same appointment time. Great for classes, groups, workshops, events, etc.

  • Private Service - Private services are hidden from your scheduler and only clients with a special link can schedule them. This is great for providing promotions and special offers to select clients.  

  • Limited Time Offer - This allows a service to only be available to book during a specific date range.  

  • Daily Deal - This feature requires clients to enter a Groupon, Living Social, or other coupon code to schedule the service.  

  • Location - This allows you to set an alternate location for a specific service / class / event. If you provide a service where you travel to the client, you can set it to ask their client their location while scheduling.

  • Custom Fields - Custom fields are used to ask clients for additional information while scheduling. You can select which custom fields you would like to apply to the specific service.

  • Providers Offering Service - Determines which users with calendars offer the specific service.

Multiple locations

More information: Multiple locations

Schedulista supports multiple locations for single providers and for businesses with multiple employees.

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