Schedulista's class feature is perfect for services with multiple attendees. Classes can be added directly to your calendar on specific dates and times to make them available or offered wherever you have availability on your schedule.

Benefits of the class feature

  • Perfect for services that need multiple attendees - classes, workshops, single or multi-day seminars, group meetings, one-time events, boot camps, tours, and more
  • Allows you to "double book" to offer more than one spot for the same service at the same appointment time
  • Single-person classes can be set to offer specific appointment times on specific dates or to make only one service available to book on a specific day
  • Multiple classes can be added side-by-side on the same date & time to offer multiple services at the same appointment time

Creating classes or events

More information: Creating classes

Creating a class service is as simple as turning on the class feature for a new or existing service. You set the maximum capacity of the class from 1 up to 200 people.  (If you need more than that, let us know.) 

You can learn more about creating classes or events here.

Making classes or events available

More information: Setting class availability

Add a class or event directly to a date and time on your calendar to make it available to clients in the online scheduler. You can also offer classes whenever you have availability on your schedule. 

You can read more on class availability here.

Identifying a class on your calendar and in settings

More information: Classes on your calendar

Quickly spot a class or event on your calendar and discover what information you can access on a booked class here.

Also, learn how to identify a class on your list of services in settings here.

Repeating classes and events

More information: Repeating appointments and classes

To quickly make classes or events available to clients on regular, frequent basis, you can set repeating classes directly on your calendar.

Follow the steps on setting repeating classes or events here.

Private classes and events

You can use the private service feature to make private classes or events that won't appear in the public online scheduler.  We provide a private link you can send to select clients to book the class or event online.

Multi-day classes and workshops

With 24-hour scheduling, you can create classes with multi-day durations that are perfect for workshops or seminars lasting multiple days.  The client only has to book once instead of booking each day individually.

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