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Provider access level permissions
Provider access level permissions

Setting permissions for user accounts with Provider level access

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Users on your Schedulista account may have different roles to aid your scheduling. Setting the access level for a user account determines how much of Schedulista's features and settings to which the user has access.

Further limiting what users with Provider-level access can do with permissions is great for businesses that want their service providers to be able to see their schedule without making changes to it, and/or businesses that want to restrict access to client contact information.

Provider level access

Users with Provider level access (our lowest level of access) are limited to viewing their own calendar, and do not have access to the Settings or Clients tabs on the web or the Clients tab in the mobile app. 

If the user is setting an appointment for a client directly on their calendar, they can search only for clients who have booked with them in the past.  The client's full name and contact information would be visible.


You can also set Provider access level permissions to further limit what changes the users can make.  There are two permissions options to change:

  • Manage calendar - Unchecking this option will disable the user's ability to create, edit, or delete appointments on their calendar. They won't have access to the client's contact information, and only the client's first name and last initial will be visible.

  • Manage availability - Unchecking this option will disable the user's ability to edit their work hours, set flex time daily overrides, or set personal appointments to block out time in their schedule.

Updating Provider level permissions settings

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) At the bottom of the page, click Access-level settings to expand

(3) (Optional) Uncheck the Manage calendar box to disable the ability to create, edit, or delete appointments on the user's calendar

(4) (Optional) Uncheck the Manage availability box to disable the ability to make changes to their availability

Unchecking or checking a box will automatically save the setting.

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