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Multiple locations

Decide which option is best for your business

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Schedulista offers support for multiple locations. The method depends on the number of providers you have for each location. There are two options: separate calendars or multiple business accounts.

If needed, services offered by each location can be organized by category to represent the specific location. The Location feature for services can also help to display the proper address and map for a service's specific location.

Option 1 - A separate calendar per location

This option is suitable if you have just one service provider for your business. You could also use this option is you have multiple locations for your business but only need a single calendar to book at each location.

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Option 2 - A separate business account per location

This option is suitable if your business has multiple services providers at multiple locations. Separate business accounts will make this easier to manage and provide individual online schedulers for each location.

To make it easier for administrators or providers who are working at more than one location, users can be added to each account with the same email address and password. Once they sign in, they'll be able to switch between business accounts/locations.

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