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Getting started with Schedulista
Getting started with Schedulista

A handy reference guide to help set up your account

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This is a guide to help you set up your Schedulista account. 


Contacting Schedulista support

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact our support team. 

Phone: +1-800-419-1672
Chat available through

We are available Monday through Friday from 9am-5pm (9:00-17:00) U.S. Pacific Time.


Schedulista lets clients schedule appointments with you online through your personalized scheduling page. We also provide a scheduler you can embed on your own website.

You can also set appointments for clients directly on your calendar through the web dashboard or via the mobile app. 

Schedulista is comprised of the following:

  • Schedulista website - This dashboard is where you can view your calendar, set your availability, and edit your account settings.  

  • Scheduler - Also known as your public scheduling page, this is the personalized web page where clients go to schedule with you. You can find the URL (web address) to your scheduler on the Let clients know settings page.

  • Scheduler widget - You can embed the scheduler on your own website so that clients don't have to go anywhere else to schedule. This seamlessly blends in with your business branding. 

  • Mobile app - Schedulista has an app for iPhone and Andriod.  Through the app, you can view your calendar on the go and create appointments for clients.

Basic terminology

Before you get started, there are a few terms you should know:

  • Business account - The Schedulista account for your business. This includes all user accounts and calendars, and your scheduler.

  • Client - Your customers. Anyone who is scheduling / booking an appointment with you for services.

  • User - Anyone that will have access to your business account. This includes service providers, administrators, and receptionists. 

  • Service Provider - A user who clients will be scheduling with. You can make a user a service provider by turning on the Calendar option for their account.

  • Service - A type of appointment clients can schedule with you. A service can be for individuals; a class, workshop, or group meeting; or an event.

  • Calendar - Each service provider has a calendar showing all of their past and future appointments. A service provider can make appointments for clients directly on their calendar. You can view a service provider's calendar through the Schedulista website or via the mobile app. 

Getting Started Guide

Click on a section to walk through the setup of your account and dig further into Schedulista's features.

Setting up the essentials of your business account, including your business details, users, and services.

The basics of your calendar on both the web dashboard and the mobile app, as well as the online scheduler that your clients will use.

Managing your availability and appointment times, setting your policies, sharing or syncing your calendar with other calendars, and how you and clients can book appointments.

Personalizing your public scheduling page, and the options to add a button or link to your page to your own website. Also, how to embed the scheduler widget on your own site. And setting up the ability to take payments online.

Managing and customizing the appointment confirmations and reminders sent to clients. Creating automated follow-up emails. And how to integrate with Mailchimp to send bulk email blasts to your clients.

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