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Hidden services you can make available to select clients
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Schedulista offers a public scheduler for anyone to visit, view your services, and schedule their appointment online. Our Private Service feature can help with services or special offers you want to offer only to select clients. This can be used for classes or events as well.

A private service is hidden from the regular public scheduler and is only accessible via a special private link.

Benefits of private services

  • Offer services for select clients to book online

  • Provide special offers or discounts on existing services

  • Create services for appointments you can set for clients as a provider but are not available through the online scheduler


Private link example

Here is an example of the private link using a service from one of our demo businesses

This example uses the Private Service feature to offer a discounted special on the regular service seen here. These are set up as two separate services, one public and one private.

Setting a private service

Making a service private will give you the link that you can share via email, on social media, or as a link on your website.

(1) On the web app: Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events 

On the mobile app (version 7.3 or above): Tap on Services / Classes / Events under the Configure section on the Settings tab

(2a) Click or tap Add Service / Class / Event to create a new service; or 

(2b) Click or tap Edit next to an existing service

(3) Scroll down to the Private Service section

(4) Click or tap the No button to change it to Yes.

The link for the private service will appear.

Note: The first time you set the Private Service feature, the link 
will not be active on the page. The link will be active every time
you edit the service afterward.

(5) On the web app: Click Save at the bottom of the page when you are done editing to make the private link active

On the mobile app: Tap Save at the bottom of the page, then tap Close at the top to return to the Settings tab

Showing the change service link

The Show the change service link to clients checkbox governs whether clients see a link that lets them change to a different service from the private service page.

Clicking the change link will send clients to your regular public scheduler.

Using private services directly on your calendar

Private services will be available to set appointments directly on your calendar.  This is also useful for services you'd like to schedule internally but not make available to clients to book through the online scheduler.

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