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About Alternate Locations for Services / Events
About Alternate Locations for Services / Events

Options to set a different address or location for appointments or events

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Schedulista allows you to set a default address for your business account and the services you offer. However, you may need to specify an alternate location for a specific service you offer. Our Location feature can help.

Benefits of the Location feature

  • Ask a client for their address / appointment location; perfect for mobile businesses or other businesses that require traveling to the client

  • Set a different location for a specific appointment, class, or event

  • Specify the locations for specific services offered at each location if working at multiple locations

  • Video/virtual appointments with Zoom

You may offer specific services at other locations, offer classes or events with an alternate address/location, or you might use our Zoom video conferencing integration for video/virtual appointments.

Our Location feature for services allows you to specify an alternate location for the service from your regular business address, or ask the client for their address/location if you are traveling to the client for the appointment.


Ask client for address / appointment location

Designed for mobile businesses that travel to clients for appointments.  You can ask the client for their address or location for the appointment.

This will add a required field to the booking form for clients to enter their address or location.

On your calendar on the web app or the mobile app, the appointment will feature a Directions link that can be clicked to view the appointment location on a Google map (on the web) or through the default map app on your mobile phone.

Set different location for specific appointment or event

If a specific appointment or event is held at a location that differs from your regular business address, you can specify the location.

The address and map featured in the appointment confirmations and reminders sent to clients will feature this alternate location.

Specify locations for specific services at multiple locations

If you are working at multiple locations, you can specify the location of specific service(s) offered at each location.

On the appointment summary page and in the confirmation and reminder emails the client receives after scheduling, the address and the associated Google map will reflect the alternate location for that specific service.

Video / virtual appointments

Our integration with the Zoom web video conferencing service allows you to easily and automatically set meetings in Zoom when clients book your online services through your scheduler.`

A join meeting link -- and any password, if necessary -- is automatically included on the appointment summary page and in the confirmation & reminder emails.

More information

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Viewing location

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