Services you are offering clients are a basic component of your schedule. Without defining them for your scheduler, clients will not be able to book appointments.

There are three essential elements needed for a service:

  • Service name - What the service is called

  • Duration - The length of the service for appointments

  • Provider(s) - Who is offering the service

Beyond that, there are additional settings to help you define the type of service, the availability of the service, and information about the service you'd like clients to know.

Adding a service

(1) Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events

(2) Click Add Service to create a new service

(3) Enter a Service name to identify it for clients

(4) (optional) Set a Price for your service. Price will be in the native currency for the country you set in your Business Details.

Note: A price must be entered to take payments from clients online. Learn more about payments here.

(5) For the Duration, select the length of your service for an appointment

(6) (optional) Adding Setup or Cleanup time creates breaks in between appointments to allow you time to reset for the next appointment or time to travel, if necessary.

Read more on setup and cleanup time here.

(7) (optional) Choose a Category to organize your service under on your service list

More on creating and managing categories here.

(8) (optional) Add a service Description to tell clients about your service or offer specific information, such as items necessary for their appointment, the address of a specific event, or deposit information.

(9) In the Providers Offering Service section, check the box next to each provider (user) you want to offer the service to clients

(10) Click Save to make your service active

Additional Features

Split appointments (for hairstylists and salons)

For stylists with services with a gap that allow you to take another appointment in-between. You define the splits and the gap. Contact us at for more about this feature.


Designed for classes, workshops, events, and group bookings. This feature allows multiple people to be able to schedule for the same appointment time. More on classes here.

Private Service

A private service is one that does not appear on your regular scheduler. Clients schedule through a special private link. Read more on private services here.

Limited Time Offer

To make your service available to schedule for a short period of time. See more on limited time offers here.

Daily Deal

Set a field for a coupon redemption code for daily deal services like Groupon and Living Social. Details on the Daily Deal feature here.

Service Overrides

Payment options

If you decide to take payments from clients online, you can set the option to require payment, capture the credit card, or not ask for a card for this specific service.

You can learn more about payments and setting payment options here.

Scheduling comment / question

You can add a scheduling comment / question to provide or ask clients for additional information on the scheduling details page.

Read more on how to set a comment / question here.

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