Schedulista allows you to have multiple users on a business account. A user is a staff member with access to the business account. Users have their own login and their own calendar to use, if they offer services. Calendars can be added by adding users.

Adding calendars on your account allows you to manage multiple locations or multiple spaces or resources within a single location.  

Also, unlike a class which allows multiple people to book the same appointment time for the same service, multiple calendars allow you to double-book appointment times to offer different services at the same time.

Examples where multiple calendars are useful

  • multiple offices / locations (if you are a single service provider)

  • multiple real estate or rental estate properties 

  • bicycles, kayaks, or other sporting equipment 

  • baseball batting cages or golf driving ranges

  • float tanks

  • conference rooms

  • escape rooms

  • nail stations

  • computer or virtual reality (VR) gaming stations

  • bounce houses 


Adding a calendar

To add a calendar, you must add a user to your account.  Each user account offers a single calendar.  There may be an additional subscription charge for this.

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Click Add User

Note: If you are subscribed and adding a second user for the first time, you will be notified that you are moving to the multi-provider subscription plan. Click Ok to continue.

(3) Enter the Personal Details of the user

Note: For rooms, space, resources, or locations, you can just use the First name field.

(4) In the User Account section, click the green Yes button to change it to No.  This will turn off the sign-in feature for this user account.

(5) Enter a short description of the location or resource in the Provider bio field

(6) Set the regular weekly Work Schedule for availability

(7) In the Services Offered section, check the box next to each service you would like directly associated with this calendar

(8) Click Save

Turn on user account access

If the user account is for a room, space, resource, or location as a single provider, you may want or need to set up separate sign-in access to the account to manage it.

(1) You can turn on the sign-in feature by clicking the No button on the User Account section and changing it to Yes.  

(2) Enter the Email address to use to sign into the account

Note: Appointment notifications will also be sent to this email address.

(3) Select the Access level for the user

(4) Click Save to complete the change.

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