You can add staff members who are offering services to your account as users. 

Each user account can have its own calendar and login. You can set different levels of access for each user depending on their role. 

User accounts can be added to manage rooms/space or resources, or for multiple locations for single providers.

Contents in this article:

  • Adding a user with a calendar

  • Setting new user's password

  • Pending invitation

  • If user isn't receiving an invitation

  • Turning off user account access

Adding a user with a calendar

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Click Add User

Note: If you are subscribed and adding a second user for the first time, you will be notified that you are moving to the multi-provider subscription plan. Click Ok to continue.

(3) Enter the Personal Details of the user / calendar

Note: For rooms, space, resources, or locations, you can just use the First name field.

(4) (optional) Click on the token icon to add a user image

(5) In the User Account section, enter the Email address they will use to sign into their account

Note: Appointment notifications will also be sent to this email address for the provider.

(6) Select the Access level for the user

More information: User access levels

(7) Enter a short bio in the Provider bio field

(8) (optional) If the user would like to receive text notifications when clients schedule or cancel an appointment online, click the No button in the Receive Text (SMS) Updates section to change it to Yes

More information: Provider text notifications

You can set which hours the user would like to receive text notifications between or if they'd only like to receive them for same-day appointments.

(9) Set the regular weekly Work Schedule for the user

Note: Each user will be able to adjust their work schedule on their calendar.

(10) In the Services Offered section, check the box next to each service the user will provide to clients

(11) Click Save

Setting a new user's password

When you create and save the new user's account, an invitation will be sent to their email address.  There will be a link in the email for the user to click to confirm their account and set their password.

If the user doesn't see the invitation email in their inbox, have them check their junk or spam folder.  Some email systems are also doing new kinds of filtering.  For example, Google/Gmail may filter some emails into different categories or tabs (e.g., "Social," "Promotions," etc.). Have the user check these as well.

Pending invitation

If a user has not confirmed their account, you will see a pending invitation notation listed next to their user account on your Users settings page.

If the user is unable to locate their invitation email, you can edit their user account and click the resend invitation link next to their email address to send a new invitation with the confirmation link.

If user isn't receiving an invitation

More information: User not receiving invitation email

If a user does not receive an invitation and you do not see the pending invitation notification next to their account on your Users page, they may have had a previous Schedulista user account using the same email address.

Turn off user account access

If the user account is for a room, space, resource, or location, you might not need anyone to sign into the account to manage it.

You can turn off the sign-in feature by clicking the green Yes button on the User Account section and changing it to No.  Click Save to complete the change.

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