Schedulista offers a number of integrations with other software and services to aid with your business. To help manage your availability, you can sync with your Google Calendar account.

Unlike subscribing to an iCalendar (iCal) feed, this offers two-way synchronization. Appointments/events from both calendars will appear on both calendars.

Benefits of the Google Calendar Sync

  • Block out time on your schedule with Google Calendar appointments/events

  • Near-instant update of appointments and events

  • Import multiple calendars from a single Google Calendar account or multiple calendars from multiple Google Calendar accounts

  • Export your Schedulista calendar to a single or to multiple Google Calendar accounts

The sync allows you to import any of the calendars listed under the My calendars menu on your Google Calendar account.

Google on your Schedulista calendar:

Google events appear on your Schedulista calendar(s) as grey appointment tiles. Grey tiles with solid white borders are "Busy" Google events that block out time on your schedule. Events details appear on the grey tiles.

For privacy, any other users on multi-user accounts who have access to a user's calendar that is synced to a Google Calendar will see a generic Google Calendar Appointment title instead of any event details.

Schedulista on your Google Calendar:

A new calendar labeled Schedulista is added to the My calendars menu on your synced Google Calendar account. All exported Schedulista appointments appear there.

Appointments include the title of the service, duration, client name, client contact information, appointment location, and appointment notes. If using the Zoom service integration, the Zoom meeting join link will appear in the location field.

Making changes to appointments:

To make changes to an appointment or event, you must do so on the calendar on which it was originally set. Any changes made to Schedulista appointments on Google Calendar, including any appointments added to the Schedulista labeled calendar on Google, will automatically revert the next time the calendar syncs.

More information

Setting up the sync (3 steps):

Additional sync setup:

More sync information:

Removing the sync:

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