Schedulista integration with the Zoom web video conferencing service allows you to easily and automatically set meetings in Zoom when clients book your online services through your scheduler.`

Benefits of Zoom integration

  • Offer online services that you can conduct via Zoom
  • Automatically set Zoom meetings corresponding to dates and times booked for online services in Schedulista
  • Generate Zoom meeting links which will be included in Schedulista confirmations and reminders so you don't have to separately contact clients
  • Quickly access Zoom meeting links through appointments on your Schedulista web calendar or mobile app

As more businesses are offering appointments, meetings, classes, workshops, and more online to reach a wider audience, Schedulista's integration with Zoom will help to simplify the scheduling process. You won't have to manually set a meeting in Zoom when you receive notification of a new appointment in Schedulista. The process will be seamless for your clients and you.

What Zoom offers

The Zoom service allows you to host individual or group meetings via video conferencing on the web. Clients will be able to not just watch but participate as needed.

Zoom offers a free Basic Plan with the following features (as of July 2020):

  • Unlimited number of individual 1-to-1 meetings
  • Unlimited number of group meetings
  • Group meetings of 3 or more participants are limited to 40-minute length
  • Host group meetings of up to 100 participants
  • HD video and voice
  • Full screen view or gallery screen view up to 25 participants at a time
  • Web conferencing, including screen recording saved to your device and desktop & application sharing
  • Group collaboration, including breakout rooms, multi-device support, and group messaging
  • SSL and AES 256 bit secure encryption
  • And more

If you need additional features, such as multiple users/hosts, longer group meeting durations, more participants in a group meeting, reporting and metrics, and more, Zoom offers various monthly subscription plans and additional specialty add-on services.

You can learn more about Zoom security and privacy here.

How to connect your Zoom account

More information: Connecting your Zoom account to Schedulista

Connect a new or existing Zoom account to your Schedulista account to use Zoom as the location for your online service appointments and classes.

Learn more on how to connect your accounts here.

How to offer an online service using Zoom

More information: Offering an online service using Zoom in Schedulista

Once you've connected your Zoom account, you can now set the Location option for each service or class you are offering online to Zoom.

See more on how to set a service as an online service using Zoom here.

How clients use the Zoom integration

More information: How do clients use the Zoom integration with Schedulista?

The join link for the Zoom meeting will be included on the appointment summary page, as well as in the confirmation and reminder emails.  Clients who opt for text (SMS) reminders, if available, will be able to access the summary page through the reminder message.

See what your clients will see here.

How to disconnect your Zoom account from Schedulista

More information: Disconnecting your Zoom account from Schedulista

You may need to remove your Zoom account from Schedulista to stop offering online services, to use your Zoom account with a different Schedulista business account, or to switch to a different Zoom account.

Uninstalling Schedulista from Zoom

You can also uninstall Schedulista from your Zoom account. This will both deauthorize Schedulista in Zoom and also automatically disconnect Zoom from Schedulista.

You can learn more about disconnecting or uninstalling here.

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