Schedulista offers a number of integrations with other software and services to aid with your business. To help all users on a business account manage their availability, account administrators can sync users with their Google Calendar accounts.

Enabling the two-way synchronization for each user will allow them to import a single calendar or multiple calendars from their Google Calendar account to their Schedulista calendar. This will also allow them to export their Schedulista calendars to their Google Calendars.

As an account administrator, to enable the sync for another user, you must have access to the user's Google account. If you do not currently have access, you'll need their Google login email address and password.

(1) Go to the Calendar

(2) Select a user calendar from the menu on the left

(3) Click on the gear icon on the top right

(4) Select Sync Calendar from the menu that appears

(5) On the Sync Calendar page, click the Add Google Calendar account button

(6) Select a Google account from the menu

Click the Use another account option if the account you want to sync to is not listed.

(7) Click the Allow button to authorize the sync

Once done, you'll return to the Sync Calendar page. You'll now be able to import calendars or enable the calendar export.

Repeat all steps to enable the sync for another user.

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