Schedulista offers a number of integrations with other software and services to aid with your business. To help manage your availability, you can enable two-way synchronization with your Google Calendar account to import calendar events.

Events from imported calendars can help block out time on your Schedulista calendar when you are unavailable to offer services.

Note about Google Calendar event status

Google Calendar events can be set to Free or Busy status. If you want a Google event to block out time in Schedulista, you will want to set it as Busy.

Learn more on setting Google Calendar event status to block out time in Schedulista here.

Once the sync is enabled, you can import a single calendar or multiple calendars from your Google Calendar account. When changes are made to Google Calendar events, they should update near-instantly on your Schedulista calendar.

(1) Go to the Calendar

(2) Click on the gear icon on the top right

(3) Select Sync Calendar from the menu that appears

(4) On the Sync Calendar page, under the Imported Calendars section, select a calendar from the drop-down menu

(5) Click the Import button

It may take a few minutes for the imported calendar to sync, depending on how many events are on the calendar.

Repeat Steps 4 & 5 to import additional calendars from your Google Calendar account.

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