Schedulista allows you to manage your appointments directly on your calendar in the mobile app or through the web dashboard. You can cancel any appointments you've set, any appointments another provider has set on your calendar, or any appointments clients have booked through the online scheduler.

You can also cancel a single occurrence or a whole series of repeating appointments.

Key points about cancelling appointments

  • Cancelling appointments removes them from your calendar, the appointment history on the client's record, and from any appointment reports

  • Clients will be sent a cancellation notification via email if they have an email address on their client record

  • Cancelled appointments cannot be recovered; be sure you want to cancel

  • If payment was taken when a client booked an appointment online, and the appointment is cancelled before the appointment date & time or on the same day of the appointment, the payment will automatically be refunded in full

Clients can also cancel their appointment(s) online based on the cancellation policy you set for your business account. You can disable online cancellation if you'd prefer to cancel any appointments on your own.

Cancelling an appointment

You can also cancel appointments on the web calendar.

(1) Go to appointment on your calendar in the mobile app

(2) Tap on the appointment to edit it

(3) On the Appointment details page, tap the red Cancel Appointment link

(4) Confirm you want to cancel the appointment

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