Try the Spring 2021 Release Early
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Want to try out out the Spring 2021 Release now?

You'll first need to install the Mobile App Beta. Once you sign into the new mobile app, you'll automatically get upgraded to the new 2021 release.

New features

  • Appointment colors
    You can now choose custom colors for your appointments either based on service type and/or set them per appointment. For example: You could set the services "Hair cut" as purple and "Bang trim" as orange. Or you could use color to manage appointment state, e.g. "client has dropped off car for cleaning" could be represented by green, and "client has been called to pick up car" could be represented by blue.
    ​Appointment colors documentation

  • Appointment reminders for you and your staff
    These come in the form of push reminders and to get them you'll need to install the latest version of our mobile app. (These reminders are optional, but will be on by default if you use the mobile app).

  • Various updates to creating/cancelling/rescheduling appointments
    You can now optionally suppress email notifications or add a custom note to clients. Managing classes is more structured and easier.
    ​New appointment flows documentation

  • Add a client to a set of related appointments or to a series of appointments at once
    This is great for business owners who do things like personal training or pottery instruction where you might want to add a client to a set of classes, either an ad hoc group of your choosing, or a series that has a clear beginning and end.
    ​Multi-add for classes documentation

  • Clients can now reserve multiple spots in a class
    This is great for things like boat tours, hay rides, a round of golf where a family or a group of friends might want to book a single appointment that reserves some number of seats at once.

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