Schedulista's automated confirmation and reminder emails provide clients with the basic appointment information for their records. An online summary page with this information can also be accessed from the optional text/SMS appointment reminders.

You can add a custom message to the emails and the appointment summary page to provide clients with additional information specific to your business or services. You can also add custom messages for specific services.

Benefits of custom messages

  • Allows you to customize the notifications sent to clients specific to your business

  • You can add custom greetings and/or thank-yous

  • Provide further information about your business, your policies, your services, and/or information like parking directions or arrival instructions

  • You can add links to direct clients to information or for clients to download or upload forms or files

  • You can add links to payment pages or portals for other payment processors or transfer services (PayPal, Square,, Venmo, CashApp, etc.), if you don't wish to use our Stripe integration for online payments

  • Format text to draw clients to important notifications

Notes on links and formatting text

You can use limited HTML markup to add links or style the text in the custom message.

Links (more info)

When you paste a URL (ex. into the custom message field and save, it will automatically convert to a link on the summary page and in the emails. You can also use the HTML anchor tags (<a>) to hyperlink words. (e.g., <a href="">Click here</a> = Click here)

Text formatting (more info)

To format your text, the following markup is available: Bold (<b>), Strong Importance (<strong>), Italicize (<i>), Emphasize (<em>), Underline (<u>), Strikethrough (<s>)

Lists (more info)

You can also add unordered lists (with bullets) or ordered lists (with numbers) using the <ul> and <ol> HTML tags.

Note: Schedulista does not host any images, documents, or files to 
download. Schedulista also does not have storage for clients to upload
files while booking. You can include links from other websites or cloud
storage services to download or upload.

Adding a general custom message

The custom message will be added to the online summary page and the emails for all services on your account. More on the basic information already included and any limitations for custom messages here.

(1) Go to Settings > Communications

(2) Scroll down to the Custom Message section

(3) Click the button next to Add a custom message to change it to Yes

(4) In the new field, enter your message

(5) Click Save at the bottom of the page

Preview messages

You can preview what the custom message will look like on the confirmation email and/or on the reminder email.

To preview the message for the confirmation email, click the Preview Confirmation below the custom message field.

To preview the message for the reminder email, click the Preview Reminder below the custom message field.

A dialog with the contents of the email will appear.

The preview uses (1) the first name on your user account as the example for the client's name; uses (2) the first service on your list of services as the example of the service booked; and uses (3) the name of the first user on your Users list as the example for the provider's name.

You can reorder your Users list and/or your Services list to see different options in the preview, if you need.

Click the Ok button to close the preview dialog.

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