Split appointments

Designed for hair stylists to allow for gap appointments

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The Split Appointment feature for services is designed specifically for hair stylists and salons to allow you to take appointments during the processing gap when coloring or dying a client's hair.

For businesses with the terms "hair" or "salon" in their name, this feature should automatically be available. For all others, contact us at support@schedulista.com to enable the feature, if needed.

How to set split appointments

With the feature enabled for your account, the Split appointment option will be visible when adding a new service or editing an existing service.

(1) Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events

(2a) Click Edit next to an existing service to update; or

(2b) Click Add Service to create a new service

(3) On the Service Details page, scroll down to the Split appointment setting; click the No button to change it to Yes

Three time options will appear: Beginning, Gap, Finish

(4) Set the Beginning time to allow for enough time to set the color or dye for processing

(5) Set the Gap time to allow for enough time for processing as well as enough time to take another appointment

(6) Set the Finish time to allow for enough time to finish the processing appointment

(7) Complete setting your service details

(8) Click Save at the bottom of the page

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