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Multi-day services

Setting durations for services that last longer than 24 hours

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Schedulista offers a 24-hour scheduling feature that can allow you to make full days available for appointments.  If you don't have 24-hour scheduling available on your account, contact us at and we can enable it for you.

Once you make full days available, you can create services that are available for multiple days.

Contents in this article:

  • Setting multi-day durations

  • Note about availability

Setting multi-day durations

(1) Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events

(2a) Click Edit next to an existing service; or

(2b) Click Add Service to create a new service

(3) For Duration, select More than a day from the bottom of the Hour drop-down menu

This will open the Day menu

(4) On the Day drop-down. select the number of days you'd like to make the service last

(5) When everything is set with your service, click Save

Once you've enabled the Day menu with one service, it will be available on all services going forward.

Note about availability

You'll need to make sure you set the work hours on your calendar to be available 24 hours a day to make the multi-day service(s) available for appointments.

You can read more on how to set your work hours for 24 hours here.

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