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How do I set or change the price of a service?
How do I set or change the price of a service?

Setting how much you charge

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Schedulista is service-based online appointment scheduling for business. You define the list of services you want to offer your clients.

We work with Stripe to offer the ability to take payments online. You can set or change the price of your service on the service details page.

You do not have to take payments to display a price.

Note about prices

If you require clients to pay when they book online, a service must have a price listed on it for the credit card field to display on the booking form in the online scheduler.

If you use credit card capture for payment, adding a price is optional.

Setting or changing a service price

(1) On the web app: Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events

On the mobile app (version 7.3 or above): Tap on Services / Classes / Events under the Configure section on the Settings tab

(2a) Click or tap Edit next to an existing service to update; or

(2b) Click or tap Add Service / Class / Event to create a new service

(3) In the Price field, enter the amount for your services

Note: If you choose to take payments and you require clients to pay when they schedule, a price must be entered or the credit card fields will not show.

(4) Fill in the rest of the relevant details for your service

(5) (optional) In the Service Overrides section, you can select to Override your global payment setting and set this specific service to require clients to pay.

Note: If your global payment setting on the Payments via Stripe settings page is set to require payment, you can skip this optional step.

(6) (optional) Set your payment override option 

(7) On the web app: Click Save at the bottom of the page

On the mobile app: Tap Save at the bottom of the page, then tap Close at the top to return to the Settings tab

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