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Add fields to the booking form in your scheduler to collect varied types of information

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Schedulista's booking form asks for your client's name and contact information to simply and quickly help them through the scheduling process.

You can also add custom fields to ask clients for additional information while booking that is specific to your business or organization.

Benefits of custom fields

  • Ask clients for additional information necessary for their appointment

  • Optional or required fields

  • Create intake forms for client history

  • Create forms to help with appointment screening

  • Add custom notices to provide information about the business, services, and/or scheduling policies

  • Add internal custom fields on appointments to help staff manage appointments

On the booking form, clients are always required to enter their first name, last name, email address, and phone number. If your service is set with the client-specified location option, an additional required field appears to enter their location or address for the appointment.

If you allow clients to cancel online, the Cancellation policy is also included on the booking form.

Adding custom fields to the booking form allows you to customize the booking experience specific to your business beyond those required fields. You create the questions that prompt a response. Various field types are available to suit the kind of response you need to a question.


Custom field types

We offer seven types of custom fields, six to support different types of responses to questions and the seventh -- a custom notice -- to provide information to clients.

Type 1: Single-line input field

This field can be required or optional.

Allows for a single line of text for questions with quick, simple answers.  You can use this to ask clients for simple responses like a preferred hairstyle, an area of focus for massage or physical therapy, a specific date like a birthday or wedding date, etc.

Type 2: Paragraph field

This field can be required or optional.

Allows for multiple lines of text for questions with detailed answers.  This is a free form text field with no character limit and allows clients to create paragraphs in their responses. You could use this to ask clients for things like a brief history on an injury or the details of particular item of clothing or combination outfit.

Type 3: Radio buttons

Allows you to ask clients a question with multiple options from which to select a single answer. When used, the radio button custom field is always a required field for clients to answer to book their appointment.

Type 4: Drop-down list

This field can be required or optional.

Allows you to ask clients a question with multiple options from which to select a single answer from a drop-down menu.

Type 5: Single checkbox

This field can be required or optional.

Allows you to create a checkbox for clients to acknowledge that they have read something, agree to terms & conditions for scheduling, that they would like something additional you offer included in their appointment, or more.

Type 6: Multiple checkboxes

Allows you to create multiple checkboxes for clients to provide multiple preset answers to a question.  More than one box can be checked.  

This could also be used to add on items or services to an appointment. Though, note that checking the box does not add additional duration time or cost to the price of the service when booking.

Type 7: Notice field

Allows you to create notices to your clients to inform them about the business, service, details, payment or scheduling policies, appointment instructions, or other useful information.

The title will appear as a bold header for the notice, with the body text placed just below it. Links, hyperlinked text, and some simple HTML styling can be added to the custom notices.

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