Schedulista’s Class feature allows multiple clients to book the same appointment time. Creating a class service is as simple as turning on the class feature for a new or existing service. 

Making classes or events available

Once you've created a class service, you can make classes available in two methods:

  • adding classes to specific dates & times on your calendar

  • offering classes whenever there is available time on your schedule

Learn more on this methods here.

Creating a class or event

Perfect for classes, workshops, single or multi-day seminars, group meetings, one-time events, boot camps, tours, and more. You can also use the class feature to "double book" for the same service at the same time.

You set the maximum capacity of the class from 1 up to 200 people.  (If you need more than that, let us know.)

(1) Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events 

(2a) Click Edit next to an existing service; or

(2b) Click Add Service to add a new service

(3) Scroll down to the Class section

(4) Click the No button to toggle to Yes

(5) Select the Max Capacity for the class, the maximum number of clients you would like to sign up for each appointment time

(6) (optional) Select the Available Whenever setting to offer the class at any available appointment time on your schedule based on your appointment times settings.

(7) Click Save at the bottom of the page

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