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The latest features and updates to Schedulista currently being tested

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Updated March 24, 2022

Most recent mobile app beta version: 7.3.2

Schedulista is continually updated to improve performance and to better help with your appointments.

To aid in our development, we release upcoming features and updates to businesses in our beta test group. If you'd like to join our test group, it starts with the Schedulista mobile app. More information on joining here.

Joining the group and installing the latest beta version of the mobile app will also update the web app with any new features and changes being tested.

Let us know if you have questions.

The Latest

The new features and changes that are currently being tested:

Note: As this is in beta trial, it's possible you might experience 
some bugs with the new features. Test them out and let us know how
they work for you. Please report bugs, but also feel free to offer
feedback on how we can improve these features.

FEATURE - Account settings in the mobile app

You can now access the account settings through the mobile app.

Go to the Settings tab. You'll find the following settings pages listed under the Configure section on the tab:

  • Business Details

  • Users / Calendars

  • Services / Classes / Events

  • Confirmations, Reminders, Notifications (formerly Communications)

  • Scheduling Policies

  • Client Scheduler

  • Payments via Stripe

  • Custom Form Fields

  • Video Meetings via Zoom

  • Your Schedulista Subscription

And the following settings pages listed under the Connect section on the tab:

  • Let clients know

  • Email Marketing via Mailchimp

  • Follow-up Emails

  • Add to your website

  • Refer us

Google Calendar Sync

You can also enable, edit (import or export), or disable the Google Calendar Sync through the mobile app now, as well.

On the Calendar tab, tap on the Calendar Settings icon on the top of the page (top left on iPhone; top right next to the plus [+] symbol on Android). On the Calendar Settings page, tap on Sync with Google.

FEATURE - Change provider on an appointment

You can now update the provider on an appointment to move an appointment from one calendar to another. All providers that offer the service on the appointment will show as available to switch. (If a provider is not attached to the service, they will not appear as an option.)

FEATURE- Change service on an appointment

You can now update the service on an existing appointment. All services that the provider offers should be available to select, just like when you are setting an appointment directly on the calendar.

Note: An individual service cannot be changed for a class service, and a class service cannot be changed for an individual service.

Note: If you are using the Zoom integration, changing from a non-Zoom service to a Zoom service will not set a meeting on your Zoom account. To set a meeting and generate a join meeting link for the client, you'll need to cancel the existing appointment and set a new one with the Zoom service.

Note: If you changing from a Zoom service to a different Zoom service, the meeting in Zoom will not be changed and a new join meeting link will not be created. You can use the previous join meeting link. If you need to have a new link, you'll need to cancel the existing appointment and set a new one with the different Zoom service.

Note: If a client paid for a service while booking the appointment online, the original payment will not be refunded if you change the service on the appointment. If the price of the new service on the appointment is more than they paid, you can charge their card on file through Stripe for the difference. If the price of the new service is less than what they paid, you can manually issue a refund for the difference through Stripe.

Image shows the 'Choose service' page to select a different service on an existing appointment on the Schedulista mobile app.

FEATURE - Calendar Week view

On the Day or Month views of the calendar, physically turn your phone to the left or the right to view the Week view of the calendar in landscape mode. Make sure to disable orientation lock on your phone so that it can move from portrait to landscape mode.

To change the week, you can either swipe left or right, or you can press the left or right arrows on the top right of the Week view.

Accessing the Week view on tablets

If you are using the mobile app on a tablet (iPad, Samsung Galaxy Tab, etc.), a Week tab will appear at the top of the page with the Day and Month tabs while in landscape mode. Tap on the Week tab to access the Week view.

That's it for now. Thanks for checking everything out. We welcome your feedback, and we look forward to sharing even more goodies we're working on for the future.

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