Updated April 21, 2021

Most recent mobile app beta version: 7.0.1 (1284)

Schedulista is continually updated to improve performance and to better help with your appointments.

To aid in our development, we release upcoming features and updates to businesses in our beta test group. If you'd like to join our test group, it starts with the Schedulista mobile app. More information on joining here.

Joining the group and installing the latest beta version of the mobile app will also update the web app with any new features and changes being tested.

´╗┐Let us know if you have questions.

The Latest

The new features and changes that are currently being tested:

  • Change: New appointment flows - client notifications & custom messages

  • Change: New class flow - Setting classes & adding clients

  • Feature: Multi-add for classes

  • Feature: Multi-seat booking for classes

  • Feature: Appointment colors

  • Feature: Provider appointment reminders

Note: As this is in beta trial, it's possible you might experience some 
bugs with the new features. Test them out and let us know how they work
for you. Please report bugs, but also feel free to offer feedback on how
we can improve these features.

´╗┐CHANGE - New appointment flows

More information: BETA: New appointment flows

Now, you can choose whether or not to send the client notification email when you create, reschedule, or cancel appointments on your calendar, or add and remove clients from classes.

If you send notification, you can also include a personalized custom message specific to that client and that appointment without removing or replacing any custom messages you have set for services.

CHANGE - New class flow

More information: BETA: New class flow

Previously, you could add clients as attendees to a class while adding the class to the calendar. Now, you'll need to add the class first, then you can add attendees. This will give you more flexibility and control over classes.

FEATURE - Multi-add for classes

More information: BETA: Multi-add for classes

The new class flow removes the option to include a client in a repeating series of classes when adding the classes to the calendar. Not to fear, because the multi-add feature allows you to easily add a client to multiple occurrences of a repeating class. You even get to select which occurrences you want to add them to, as needed.

It also allows you to add a client to multiple occurrences of a non-repeating class service.

FEATURE - Multi-seat booking for classes

More information: Multi-seat booking for classes

Multi-seat booking allows a single client to book multiple seats in a class at once instead of having to book each seat individually.

When you enable multi-seat booking, it will provide options to set the minimum and maximum party size (number of people) that a single person can book.

If you take payment online and require payment when clients book, the client will be charged the price you set for your service x the number of seats they selected. (e.g., if the service price is $100 and they book for 3 seats, the client will be charged $300.)

When clients select the service online, they'll see a Party size selector. Choosing the number of seats they want to book will adjust the available dates and times based on their party size and the classes that have that many seats open.

FEATURE - Service and appointment colors

More information: BETA: Service and appointment colors

This new feature allows you to set the color of a service and change the color of an appointment on the calendar. Personalize your calendar to quickly identify service appointments by color. Or use colors to signify different appointment statuses (e.g., checked in, completed, no show, paid, etc.).

FEATURE - Provider appointment reminders

Adding to the provider push notifications sent when clients book or cancel online, you can now get reminders of your upcoming appointments sent to your phone.

That's it for now. Thanks for checking everything out. We welcome your feedback, and we look forward to sharing even more goodies we're working on for the future.

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