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Mobile app: Changing the provider on an appointment
Mobile app: Changing the provider on an appointment

Updating the service provider on an existing appointment

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Available in mobile app version 7.2 and above

In Schedulista, a provider is a user who offers services through the online scheduler and has an active calendar. On a business account with multiple providers, more than one provider can offer a service.

If needed, you can update an appointment to change the provider.

Note about changing providers

When changing providers, the 'Choose provider' page on the appointment will show all providers who offer that service. A provider must be attached to a service to appear on the page.

When an appointment is booked by the client through the online scheduler, the client can select which provider they want to work with. (You can set your account to allow the system to choose the provider.)

You can change the provider on an appointment by editing the appointment on the calendar in the mobile app. You can also change providers on the web app.


Changing the provider on an appointment

(1) Tap on the class to open and edit it

(2) Tap the Provider name

(3) On the Choose provider page, select a different provider

(4) Tap Save

(5) A prompt will ask if you want to send an email notification to the client to let them know of the change. If you choose to, you can also opt to send a personalized custom message to the specific client on the notification. This will be in addition to any other custom messages you might have set.

(6) Tap Save

You'll return to the calendar with the appointment now moved from the calendar.

Check the appointment

You can switch provider calendars to check on the appointment.

(1) Tap on the Calendar Settings icon (top left on iPhone; top right next to the plus [+] symbol on Android)

(2) On the Calendar Settings page, tap on the provider name

(3) Choose the other provider

(4) Tap Save to return to the Calendar page

(5) Locate the appointment

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