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Accessing your Zoom meeting for an online appointment in Schedulista
Accessing your Zoom meeting for an online appointment in Schedulista

Find the links to Zoom meetings on your Schedulista appointments

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Schedulista integration with the Zoom web video conferencing service allows you to easily and automatically set meetings in Zoom when clients book your online services through your scheduler.`

Accessing your Zoom meeting link on your Schedulista calendar

You can access all of your Zoom meetings through your Zoom account dashboard. For your convenience, you'll also be able to access a specific meeting through the appointment on your Schedulista calendar.

You can also view the links on the Schedulista mobile app.

(1) Go to Calendar

(2) Locate your appointment

(3) Click on the appointment to open the details

(4) Next to Online appointment, click the Join via Zoom link

Clicking on the link will take you to the meeting page online.  If you are not signed into your Zoom account, as the host it will ask you to sign in.

You can also copy and send the link to anyone who may have lost it or that you'd like to share with.

Note: This link will open the Zoom meeting on the web.  If clients want to attend the meeting through the Zoom app, they'll need to use the link included on the appointment summary page or in the confirmation and reminder emails.

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