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Mobile app: Changing appointment colors
Mobile app: Changing appointment colors

Adjust the colors of appointments on the Schedulista mobile app

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Schedulista uses default colors on the appointment tiles on your calendar to signify appointments that have been booked online by clients and appointments that you have set as a provider.

If you need, you can change the colors of the service appointment tiles in the mobile app, as well as on the web app.

Benefits of appointment colors

  • Personalize your calendar and experience

  • Differentiate between services to quickly identify on your calendar

  • Set appointment colors to distinguish different providers' calendars at a glance

  • Use colors to signify different appointment statuses (e.g., checked in, completed, no show, etc.)

The default colors will continue to be blue for provider-set service appointments and green for service appointments booked by clients through the online scheduler. The color of personal appointments cannot be changed.

Changing the color on a specific appointment tile changes just that appointment. If you need, through the web app, you can also change the default color of each service you offer.

(1) Open the mobile app

(2) Locate the appointment you want to change

(3) Tap on the appointment tile to open/edit the appointment

(4) On the Appointment details page, tap on the Color field

(5) Select a color on the Choose color page

(6) Tap Save

The appointment will update on the calendar to the new color. The color will only apply to that specific appointment.

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