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Mobile app: Tune your availability with repeating personal appointments
Mobile app: Tune your availability with repeating personal appointments

Set breaks, split days, vacations / holidays, long-term time off through the mobile app

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The Schedulista mobile app for iPhone and Android is a companion to our web services to help manage your business and availability on the go.

Schedulista is designed to support a regular weekly work schedule, but you are able to adjust your availability by blocking time out of your schedule with personal appointments. You can manage your availability through the Schedulista mobile app, as well as on the web dashboard.

You can set repeating personal appointments to block off time for recurring events.

Uses for repeating personal appointments

  • Blocking out lunches or breaks

  • Splitting work days/shifts

  • Taking long-term time off - Vacations/holidays; maternity or paternity leave; sabbaticals; leaves of absence

  • Blocking out time before offering services when first starting online scheduling

Two types of appointments can be set in Schedulista: service appointments and personal appointments.

Service appointments can be booked online by clients, either as individual appointments or as classes. Personal appointments are set by you as a provider directly on your calendar. They help you to block out time on your schedule when you are unavailable to offer services.

Repeating personal appointments allow you to block out time on a recurring basis for things like lunches or breaks, or to regularly split your work days into separate shifts.

You can also use repeating personal appointments to quickly block out long-term time on your schedule for things like extended travel, vacations or holidays, parental leave, leaves of absence or sabbaticals, seasonal breaks, and more. If you're just starting scheduling for your business, repeating personal appointments can also block out time until you are ready to offer services.

Repeating personal appointments can also be used to tweak your schedule if it is frequently changing or you want to set up a future change to your work hours.

Clients never see your personal appointments (or any booked appointments).

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