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Sharing a single room with multiple providers
Sharing a single room with multiple providers

Using a single calendar to manage a shared space and prevent doublebooking

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Schedulista allows for multiple providers to each have their own user account with login and calendar.  However, you may have a single room that multiple providers are sharing to offer services.  A single calendar for the room instead of separate calendars for each provider will prevent doublebooking.

Sharing a single room with multiple providers

  • Step 1 - Create a user account / calendar for the shared room

  • Step 2 - Create services for your providers

  • Step 3 - Set specific appointment times for providers' services

Step 1 - Create a user account / calendar for the shared room

Your business account may already have just a single user account on it.  If so, you can use that account / calendar for the shared room and skip to Step 2.

If you need to add a separate calendar for the shared room, you can follow these steps:

(1) Go to Settings > Users

(2) Click Add User

Note: If you are subscribed and adding a second user for the first time, you will be notified that you are moving to the multi-provider subscription plan. Click Ok to continue.

(3) Under Personal Details, enter the room name or a generic name in the First name field

(4) In the User Account section, enter the Email address that all providers can use to sign into the account to view the calendar

(5) Select the Access level for the user

More information: User access levels

(6) Set the regular weekly Work Schedule for the room

(7) Click Save

Step 2 - Create services for your providers

Rather than create separate user accounts/calendars for each of your providers, you'll create services labeled for each of your providers.  These will all be attached to the shared room calendar so they can be booked in the same space.

This will also allow your clients to select which provider they would like to book with.

(1) Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events

(2) Click Add Service to create a new service

(3) Enter a Service name with the provider's name included

(e.g., 60 min Massage with Alice; Federal Tax Return Preparation with Michael, etc.)

(4) (optional) Set a Price for your service. Price will be in the native currency for the country you set in your Business Details.

Note: A price must be entered to take payments from clients online. Learn more about payments here.

(5) For the Duration, select the length of your service for an appointment. 

You can also add Setup or Cleanup time to automatically create buffers between appointments, if needed.

(6) (optional) Choose a Category to organize your service under on your service list

(7) (optional) Add a service Description to tell clients about your service or offer specific information, such as items necessary for their appointment, the address of a specific event, or deposit information.

(8) In the Providers Offering Service section, check the box next to the shared room calendar

(9) Click Save to make your service active

Repeat this for each of your providers and their services.

Step 3 - Set specific appointment times for specific services

This is is how you can help set your providers' schedules. Setting overrides for each providers' services will allow you to define which days and times each week that the providers offer their services.

(1) Go to Settings > Scheduling Policies

(2) Scroll down to the Available Appointment Times section

(3) Click the Add button next to "Add override for specific services"

(4) Select your specific service(s) from the drop-down menu to tag that service. 

You can select multiple services for a single override, if the appointment times are going to be the same for those services. 

(5a) Click the Time field to select a time from the menu, then click the Add Time button; or

(5b) In the Time field, enter your own time, then click the Add Time button

Note: Time can be entered in 5 minute increments (e.g., 3:05 pm, 10:25 am, 7:50 pm, etc.)

(6) Check the boxes of all days during the week that you want this time to be available

(7) Repeat steps 5 and 6 until you add all available times

(8) Click Save at the bottom of the page to make your changes active

Note: You can create as many specific service overrides as you like. Though, be aware that if you select the same service in two different overrides, only the first override you set for that service will be followed.

Note about specific times and your work hours

Setting specific times defines your appointment times, but the work hours on your calendar still determine whether you are available on any given day. You will want to make sure that your "work schedule" is set so that you are available during these specific appointment times. 

If you have questions about setting this up, please contact us at

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