Schedulista offers a Class feature for services that allows multiple attendees to book for the same appointment time. This is perfect for groups, classes, workshops, events, and more.

The Multi-seat booking option allows a single client to book for multiple seats in a class in a single transaction.

Benefits of multi-seat booking

  • Allows clients to book more than one seat in a class or event at once

  • Take payment for multiple seats at one time

  • Perfect for tours, fishing charters, yoga classes, swim lessons, groups, workshops, etc.

  • Parents can book multiple children at once and receive all notifications to a single email address

The Class feature allows you to set the maximum capacity of the class from 1 up to 200 people. (If you need more than that, let us know.) With multi-seat booking, you can also set both the minimum and maximum number of seats a single client can book at one time.


Setting multi-seat booking

(1) On the web app: Go to Settings > Services / Classes / Events

On the mobile app (version 7.3 or above): Tap on Services / Classes / Events under the Configure section on the Settings tab

(2a) Click or tap Edit next to an existing service; or

(2b) Click or tap Add Service / Class / Event above the list to add a new service

(3) Scroll down to the Class section. If this is an existing class service, the section will be open. If not, click or tap the No button to toggle to Yes.

(4) Set the Max capacity of the class

(5) (optional) Set the "available whenever" option to make classes available whenever you have availability on your schedule. Otherwise, you can add classes directly to your calendar to make them available. More on class availability here.

(6) Click or tap the No button next to Multi-seat booking to change to Yes

(7) For Min party size, set the minimum number of seats a client can book at once

(8) For Max party size, set the maximum number of seats a client can book at once

Note: The maximum size is capped at the max capacity of the class. If 
the max capacity is 10, the maximum party size can only be up to 10.
If the max capacity is 50, the maximum party size can be up to 50.

(9) On the web app: Click Save at the bottom of the page

On the mobile app: Tap Save at the bottom of the page, then tap Close at the top to return to the Settings tab

Payments for multi-seats

If you take payment online and require payment when clients book, the client will be charged the price you set for your service multiplied by the number of seats they selected. (e.g., if the service price is $100 and they book for 3 seats, the client will be charged $300.)

For any class service with the multi-seat booking option enabled, the phrase "per person" is automatically added to the price on the services list on your online scheduler.

What clients see

When clients select the service online (and choose a provider, if required), they'll be asked to choose the number of people in their party. Choosing the number of seats they want to book will adjust the available dates and times based on their party size and the classes that have that many seats open.

If they need to update the number of people while booking, they can use the Party Size selector. The calendar will update to reflect the available dates and times that offer enough seats for the updated number of people.

In notifications

Clients will see the party size they chose on their appointment summary page and in the confirmation and reminder emails. You'll also see the party size on the provider notification emails you receive when clients book.

Currently, for a client to adjust their party size, they would need to cancel their existing appointment and book a new one with the smaller or larger party size. They can also contact you and you can adjust the party size for them.

What you'll see on the calendar

On the appointment on the calendar on the web dashboard, you'll see the party size listed under the attendee information.

You can click the edit button next to the client to adjust the party size, if you need.

In the mobile app

When you open/edit the class in the mobile app, you'll see the party size listed under the attendee information.

You can tap on the attendee to edit the information, including the party size.

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