Schedulista’s class feature for services allows multiple clients to book the same appointment time. You can make classes available by adding them directly to your calendar or by offering them whenever you have availability on your schedule.

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  • Identifying a class or event on your calendar

  • What does the fraction mean?

  • Seeing class or event attendees

Identifying a class or event on your calendar

On your calendar, a class or event is an appointment displaying a fraction followed by the name of the class service. Unlike standard appointments, you won't see a client's name on the appointment tile because more than one client is booked.

A blue class or event is one you've set on your calendar to make available to clients through the online scheduler.

A green class or event is one first booked by a client online when you make classes available whenever you have open time on your schedule.

Read more on class availability here.

What does the fraction mean?

The fraction on the appointment tile indicates the number of people currently booked out of the max capacity of the class or event.

You can learn what more appointment symbols on the calendar mean here.

Seeing class or event attendees

Click on class or event on your calendar to open or edit it.  In the edit dialog, scroll down to the Client section to view the names and contact information of all booked attendees.

You can add clients to the class via Search or by clicking the New Client button. You can remove clients from the class by clicking the X next to the client on the list.

Any comments a client adds while booking will appear in the Appointment Notes, tagged to the specific client. You can also add notes, if needed.

On your calendar, you can hover your pointer over the class or event to see the most recent booked client and any appointment notes without opening the class.

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