After work hours are set, you can block off time on your schedule with personal appointments.  You can set repeating personal appointments to block off time to regularly split work days / shifts.

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  • Step 1 - Setting your work hours
  • Step 2 - Setting personal appointment to split the day
  • What you'll see on your calendar

As an example, let's say you work a split day with a block between 9:00 am and 12:00 noon and one between 3:00 pm and 6:00 pm. 

Step 1 - Setting your work hours

First, you'll set your work hours for the days you work for a full day starting at 9:00 am and ending at 6:00 am.

(1) Tap on the Calendar Settings icon in the upper left corner (iPhone) or the upper right corner next to the Plus (+) sign (Android)

(2) In the Availability section on the Calendar Settings page, tap on the Regular work hours section

(3) Tap on which day you would like to adjust

(4) Tap on the From time to set the start of your work hours

(5) Adjust your time and tap Done

(6) Tap on the To time to set the end of your work hours

(7) Adjust your time and tap Done 

(8) Tap the back arrow at the upper left to go back to the Work Hours list

(9) (optional)  Repeat Steps 3 to 8 for each day you'd like to adjust

Note: You can select whether or not you want to make a day regularly open each week by tapping on the Open toggle at the top of the page.

(10) Once you've adjusted all of the days you need, tap Save

Step 2 - Setting personal appointments to split the day

(1) On the calendar, tap on a 12:00 pm time slot

(2) Select Personal in the Create Appointment dialog

(3) Tap Duration to change the length of the appointment to 3 hours

(4) Tap Repeats to turn on the function

(5) Tap Repeats every week to adjust the repeat settings

(6) On the repeat settings page, select each of the days of the week you work

After selecting the days, tap the back arrow to return to the appointment page.

(7) Tap Ends never to set when you'd like the repeating appointments to end

  • Ends Never - Repeats continue indefinitely until you stop them 
  • Ends After - Set a specific number of repeating appointments
  • Ends On Date - Set a specific end date for repeats

After selecting an end option, tap the back arrow to return to the appointment page.

(8) (optional) Tap the Notes section to enter "Split Day" or "Unavailable" or somethiing similar to identify the appointments

(9) Tap Save

What you'll see on your calendar

On your calendar, you'll see the red personal appointment blocks appearing each day you work to make you unavailable during that time on your schedule.

Clients will not see your split time in the scheduler, just that there is no appointment time available during that period.

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