You are able to reschedule an appointment for clients on your Calendar. Clients can reschedule by canceling their existing appointment and scheduling a new one.

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Rescheduling on your calendar

You can reschedule an appointment simply by clicking and dragging that appointment from its original date & time to a new date & time.

Clients will be sent an email notification of the rescheduled appointment.

Note: A past appointment cannot be rescheduled into the future.

Rescheduling when click-and-drag is not available

You can reschedule the appointment by editing it on your calendar.

(1) Go to Calendar

(2) Click on the appointment block you'd like to reschedule to edit it

(3) In the Edit Appointment dialog, click on the Date field to display a calendar

(4) Select a new date

(5) Click on the Time field to select a new start time from the menu

Note: You can also type a new start time in the field. Times can be entered in 5 minute increments.

(6) Click Save

Clients rescheduling appointment

To reschedule an appointment, a client must first cancel their existing appointment. Then, they can schedule an appointment for the new date & time they are interested in.

Note: If you do not allow clients to cancel their appointment online, they will not be able to reschedule an appointment themselves.

(1) In the appointment confirmation and reminder emails clients receive, there is a link to cancel their appointment.

(2) The client then confirms their cancellation. They can add a message to explain, if they choose.

(3) On the summary page, they click the "Schedule another appointment" button to set their new appointment.

The client will receive a cancellation notification email and a new appointment confirmation email. You will receive cancellation and new appointment notifications.

Note: If a client tries to reschedule an appointment past the threshold of your cancellation policy (e.g., trying to cancel 10 hours before their appointment when your policy is set to 24 hours prior to an appointment), the cancel link will not work. The client will have to contact you directly to reschedule.

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