With the appointment report, you can view all past and future appointments for all providers on your business account. The report can be filtered by provider, by service, or by client to drill down for specific information.

The on-screen report provides brief, relevant information for a quick, manageable reference. You can export any report to a file to view all appointment information, including payments, appointment notes, and any custom field data.

You can run an appointment report to view and save your full appointment history.

Contents in this article:

  • What's included in the on-screen appointment report

  • What's included in the appointment report file

  • Running an appointment report

  • Exporting or printing an appointment report

What's included in the on-screen appointment report

The on-screen report can be used for quick reference. This includes the date & time of the appointment, the provider, the service for the appointment, and the client's name.

Report type selector

You can view past appointments, future appointments, or a full appointment history by using the selector in the upper right.

The order of the appointments changes based on the type of report selected:

  • Future appointments are listed chronologically starting with the next upcoming appointment

  • Past appointments are listed in reverse chronology, with the most recent completed appointment at the top

  • The All appointment option lists all appointments chronologically, starting with the very first appointment booked on your account

Filtering appointments

You can use the search field to filter the report by specific criteria, such as provider, client, or service.

Viewing appointments

You can view an appointment on your calendar for full details by clicking on the time of the appointment listed in the report.http://support.schedulista.com/

What's included in the appointment report file

You can export the report to a file that will have full details about each appointment. This will include:

  • appointment date & time

  • appointment duration

  • provider name

  • service name

  • client name

  • client's email address

  • client's phone number

  • service price

  • appointment notes

  • any custom fields added

Running an appointment report

You can run appointment reports for a single or multi-user account from the Home tab.  You can read more on how to run appointment reports here.

Exporting or printing an appointment report

You can export your past, future, or all appointment information into a CSV (comma separated values) file to store with your records or use with other software.  A filtered report based on search terms can also be exported.  Any report can also be printed.

Learn more on exporting or printing an appointment report here.

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