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Reports on your past or upcoming appointments in Schedulista

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While you can visually view past and upcoming appointments on your calendar in Schedulista, you can run appointment reports to do business analysis and to save your appointment history for your records.

With the appointment report, you can view all past and future appointments for all providers on your business account. The report can be filtered by provider, by service, or by client to drill down for specific information.

The quick reference report page provides brief, relevant information for a manageable overview. You can export any report to a file to view all appointment information, including payments, appointment notes, and any custom field data.

You can also print from the quick reference report page, if needed.


What's included on the quick reference appointment report page

You can run appointment reports for a single or multi-user account from the Home page on the web dashboard. Viewing appointments from the My Appointments or Appointments panels will get you to the quick reference report page.

On a multi-user account, selecting a provider from the Per Provider Reports panel will take you to the provider's Home page to view appointments and run reports for them.

The quick reference report page can be used to see a fast overview of basic appointment information. This includes:

  • date of the appointment

  • time of the appointment

  • provider

  • service for the appointment

  • client's name

A class service will list all names of clients booked in the specific class.

Report type selector

You can view past appointments, future appointments, or a full appointment history by using the selector in the upper right.

The order of the appointments changes based on the type of report selected:

  • Future appointments are listed chronologically starting with the next upcoming appointment

  • Past appointments are listed in reverse chronology, with the most recent completed appointment at the top

  • The All appointment option lists all appointments chronologically, starting with the very first appointment booked on your business account

Filtering appointments

You can use the search field to filter the report by specific criteria, such as provider, client, service, or any combination of those.

Viewing appointments

You can view an appointment on your calendar for full details by clicking on the time of the appointment listed on the quick reference report.

Note: If a provider's calendar has been deleted, you will not be able 
to view their appointments on a calendar. You would need to export
the appointment report to a file to view all appointment details.

What's included in the appointment report file

You can export your past, future, or all appointment information to a CSV (comma separated values) file to store with your records or use with other software. A filtered report based on selected search terms can also be exported.

A CSV file can be opened in any spreadsheet program like Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, Apple Numbers, Corel Quattro Pro, Apache OpenOffice Calc, and more. Any report file can also be printed from the spreadsheet program.

The appointment report file includes:

  • appointment date & time

  • appointment duration

  • appointment creation date & time (when it was booked)

  • provider name

  • service name

  • client name

  • client's email address

  • client's phone number

  • service price at the time the appointment was booked (if set)

  • appointment notes

  • appointment location (if applicable, including Zoom integration appointments)

  • any custom fields added and clients' responses

Each client booked in a class will be listed as a separate line item in the report file.

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