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Connecting your Zoom account to Schedulista
Connecting your Zoom account to Schedulista

Connect a new or existing Zoom account

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Schedulista integration with the Zoom web video conferencing service allows you to easily and automatically set meetings in Zoom when clients book your online services through your scheduler.`

First, you'll need to connect your Zoom account, and then you can set your services to be offered using Zoom.



Only a single Zoom business account can be connected to Schedulista at one time.

Multiple Zoom users

If you have multiple Schedulista users, you can set up multiple users on your Zoom business account so that Schedulista user can be connected to their own Zoom user account.

Though Zoom offers a free option, multiple users on a business account might require a paid subscription. More on managing users in Zoom here.

You can also add users with their own existing Zoom accounts under a single Zoom business account to aid with the integration. More on that here.

How to connect your Zoom account to Schedulista

Our integration with Zoom connects a new or existing Zoom account to your Schedulista account to use Zoom as the location for your online service appointments and classes.

(1) Go to Settings > Zoom

(2) Click the Connect Zoom button

(3) Sign into your Zoom account

(4) On the connection screen, click Authorize

(5) This should return you to Schedulista where you will see your account is now connected.

Connecting multiple users

For multiple users, you'll be able to select from drop-down menus which user account on your Zoom account you want to connect each Schedulista user account.

Making services available through Zoom

Now that your account is connected, you can add or edit services to select Zoom as the location to  offer your online services. The location on a service must be set to Online meeting via Zoom for the meeting to be set on your Zoom account.

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